Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1, February 2023, Pages 1-322 

Original Article

Secondary multidrug resistant bacterial pneumonia among adult COVID-19 patients: A molecular study

Pages 11-26

Reham Khalifa; Bothayna Ismail; Hani Al-Jahdali; Huda Alghamdi; Husam Joharjy; Khalid Eibani; Randa Sabour; Fahd Almalki; Saleh Alfarhan; Mohammed Alatram; Mohammed Algozi; Abdulilah Aljehani; Ali Alasmari

Insights into the prevalence and the antimicrobial activity of natural product against Pantoea spp. isloated from neonatal intensive care unit

Pages 194-204

Ghada Mohamed Mohamed Hassan; Ehsan Abdel-Saboor Hassan; Michael Nazmy Agban; Nafisa Hassan Refat; Amal Mohammed Hosni; Amal Ahmed Elkhawaga