COVID-19 risk perception after vaccination era in a sample of Egyptian participants: A cross sectional study

Document Type : Original Article


1 Public health and Community Medicine department, Faculty of medicine, Cairo University, Egypt

2 Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt

3 Faculty of medicine, Cairo University, Egypt


Background: The high rates of infection and mortalities initially caused by COVID-19, made anxiety and fear very common. With the increase of vaccination coverage, it is expected to detect changes in risk perception and fear of COVID-19, especially with the emergence of what so called “Pandemic Fatigue”. The aim of this study was to assess COVID 19 risk perception after the vaccination era. Methods: This is a cross-sectional analytical study, using an online questionnaire including socio-demographic questions and COVID-19 risk perception questions. Results: The questionnaire was filled by 509 participants. Sociodemographic characters of the participants didn’t affect the COVID-19 risk perception. The mean and median perceived efficacy scores were significantly higher in participants with no prior history of COVID-19 infection. Participants with positive attitude towards COVID-19 vaccine had significantly higher risk perception. Conclusion: COVID-19 risk perception is still query and not fully understood. This necessitates more studies to be conducted to explore it among different groups which may relate it to different determinants. Social media is the main source of knowledge among participants and should be professionally used for enhancing positive attitudes towards COVID-19 vaccination.


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