A study about the number of Coronavirus breakthrough infections during post vaccination period

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Genekam Biotechnology AG, Duissernstr. 65a, 47058 Duisburg, Germany


Aim: There are a number of vaccines used against SARS CoV-2 to create immunity belt to reduce the infections; therefore, we decided to conduct a questionnaire study among the vaccinated persons from different countries to find the vaccine effectiveness. Method: A telephone call as well as a personal meeting were conducted with 30 different vaccinated with the following questions: how many times they were vaccinated, how many times have they gotten the breakthrough infections, and how long was this infection? Results: The analysis indicated that almost all vaccinated persons had a breakthrough infection. The air travel was discovered as one of the causes of the breakthrough infections. There were a few fatalities, but hospitalization was rare. The results do not support the fact that vaccines can provide 95% immunity, as claimed in many publications. Conclusion: The majority of vaccinated persons got breakthrough infections of different intensities. It is very clear that vaccination induced immunity is not sufficient to prevent infections, which cause different degrees of complications. There is an urgent need to improve these vaccines and the question is whether the 5th and future doses will be of any use to the normal population.


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