From shadows to spotlight: Unearthing Pakistan's first monkeypox case and navigating the way forward

Document Type : Letter to the Editor


1 Department of Zoology, Government Graduate College Pattoki (Kasur), Punjab, Pakistan

2 Department of Zoology, Government Graduate College for Woman, Samanabad, Lahore, Pakistan


The appearance of the first monkeypox case in Pakistan presents significant challenges in terms of public health management, particularly considering the potential risks associated with international travel. This letter addresses the scientific aspects of this case and proposes strategies to mitigate the challenges and ensure careful monitoring of travelers. Key challenges include accurate diagnosis and timely identification of cases, given the nonspecific clinical presentation of monkeypox. Furthermore, the potential for human-to-human transmission highlights the need for stringent surveillance, robust contact tracing, and isolation protocols. The risk of importation through travelers underscores the importance of effective screening measures at entry points and comprehensive health education campaigns targeting both travelers and healthcare professionals. International collaboration and information sharing play a crucial role in tracking the spread of monkeypox strains and developing appropriate vaccination strategies. This letter emphasizes the urgency of adopting a scientific, evidence-based approach to address the challenges posed by the first monkeypox case in Pakistan. By implementing meticulous surveillance and preventive measures, we can minimize the potential impact on public health and effectively manage this emerging threat.


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