Quantiferon TB Gold conversion in the medical staff caring to COVID-19 patients

Document Type : Short Reports (case reports)


1 Hospital Joaquin Albarran, Cuba

2 Hospital Giraldo Aponte Fonseca, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

3 Hospital Comandante Pinares, Cuba


Background:  Tuberculosis constitutes a worldwide problem in relation to its morbidity and mortality. The exposure to tuberculosis patients constituted a significant occupational exposure for healthcare workers. During the pandemic of COVID-19, the incidence of tuberculosis was reduced probably related to the high priority to provide care during the pandemic. Cases of health workers who after several months of caring for COVID-19 patients have had seroconversion of QuantiFERON TB gold (QFT) were described. The initial QTF test was performed in April 2020 (before providing care to COVID-19 cases), and a positive test was reported in August and December 2020 for the reported cases. The exposure to patients from countries with high incidence tuberculosis during the pandemic constituted the most probable source of infection. Also, the limited tuberculosis screening in patients and the staff's adherence to infection prevention practices among other factors will explain these findings, which will require strategies to prevent occupational exposure during the influx of communicable diseases to healthcare services.


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