Thankfulness to authors, reviewers, and readers

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With the second year of successful launching Microbes and Infectious Diseases, we’ve received 215 submissions from different countries (Africa: Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, Senegal, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Tanzania, Burkina Faso and Benin; Asia: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and China; Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Austria, and Italy; Latin America: Cuba and Brazil; and Australia). Although many of our papers are still in the peer review process, we have already published 99 papers online with a 45 % rejection rate. The median time from submission to online publication is 38 days. The Editorial Board Members have worked hard to meet the goals of Microbes and Infectious Diseases in delivering timely decisions and maintaining publication of high-quality papers through vigorous and scientific peer review process. Besides, we believe that authors’ response to the valuable comments of our editors and reviewers is a cornerstone for impacting in the international research community. We would like to introduce our deep thanks to 68 individual reviewers who give so freely of their time and expertise to critically evaluating manuscripts for the journal.