Antibodies production in gender groups for surviving COVID-19.

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1 Professor Nowshera medical college nowshera pakistan

2 Hospital Director, Qazi hussain Ahmed Medical Complex Nowshera

3 Porfessor Physiology, Nowshera Medical college

4 deputy director Nowshera medical college nowshera pakistan

5 Associate Professor Nowshera medical college nowshera pakistan


Objectives: A pilot study was executed in the month of June- July 2020 in Qazi Hussain Ahmed Medical complex Nowshera with aim to determine the gender protective role in term of production of neutralizing Anti SARS-COV-2 antibodies.
Material and methods: A total of 39 COVID-19 patients who recovered from COVID-19 were selected. Their antibodies cut off values were measured by electro-chemiluminescence immunoassay using Roche Cobas E411 Chemistry Analyzer for which commercial kits of Roche diagnostics were used as per the instructions of the manufacturer.
Results: A statistically significant difference in mean post infection antibodies level was observed with higher cut off values in patient who had symptoms at time of being reported positive by PCR as compared to patient who were asymptomatic (p-value:0.04). Using Kaplan Meir it was predicted that in female gender, the probability of survival is 100% at cut off antibodies levels of 50, While a vertical drop up to less than 40% of probability of survival was predicted in male gender even at higher antibodies levels of >100, that supports the prediction of production of higher levels of antibodies in female gender in early infections.
Conclusion: The female gender produces higher titer of antibodies in early infections to confer immunity in COVID-19.


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