A case report of clinical outcome of a COVID-19 patient presented by acute ischemic stroke

Document Type : Short Reports (case reports)


1 Abdul Malek Ukil Medical College, Noakhali, Bangladesh

2 Brahmanbaria Medical College, Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh

3 Institute of Epidemiology Disease Control And Research, Dhaka, Bangladesh

4 National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Corona virus disease 2019(COVID-19) is a multisystem disease with many unusual presentation reported worldwide. Though it mostly involves the respiratory systems, it has also potential to invade neurological system. It can spread from respiratory systems to the central nervous system. Here we report a case of 70 years old female who was diagnosed as COVID-19 case by molecular diagnosis and admitted with the features of acute ischemic stroke and later developed severe pneumonia also. The lady has radiological evidence of acute ischemic stroke and severe pneumonia as well as elevated D-dimer, lymphopenia, raised erythrocyte sedimentation rate, high C reactive protein (CRP) and serum ferritin. She was managed symptomatically for both pneumonia and acute stroke. Our case emphasizes that cerebrovascular disease in COVID-19 may simultaneously develop, increased c reactive protein, serum ferritin and D-dimer may contribute to the hypercoagulability and in the formation of acute ischemia. Elderly patients with co-morbidities like hypertension, diabetes, vascular disease, dyslipidaemia may contribute to acute stroke in addition to coronavirus disease pathology


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