Is COVID-19 masking or delayed the diagnosis of active pulmonary tuberculosis? A case report from Bangladesh

Document Type : Short Reports (case reports)


1 Consultant Internal Medicine, Abdul Malek Ukil Medical College, Noakhali, Bangladesh

2 Brahmanbaria Medical College, Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh

3 Abdul Malek Ukil Medical College, Noakhali, Bangladesh


Background: The pandemic COVID-19 impacts a major global health crisis in the whole world including Bangladesh. Bangladesh is one of the world’s high tuberculosis (TB) burden countries and TB is a major public health concern in the country. It also observed that respiratory disease presented with similar features of coronavirus disease, unfortunately and regrettably overlooked by the physicians worldwide due to the pandemic crisis. We presented a case of pulmonary tuberculosis and coronavirus disease (COVID-19) co-infection which has not been reported much.
Case report: A 55 years old female presented with acute respiratory symptoms superimposed on chronic respiratory symptoms as she was suffering from bronchial asthma, diagnosed with severe pneumonia. Oropharyngeal and nasal swab sample were found positive for coronavirus by RT-PCR assay. Assessments of the previous history and clinical scenario also suggested investigation for tuberculosis and finding positive of Sputum for acid fast bacilli (AFB) and Gene X pert detected Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex with rifampicin sensitivity. Patient was treated concomitantly for COVID-19 pneumonia and starting anti-tubercular drugs. So physicians should suspect COVID-19 co infections with pulmonary tuberculosis while treating the patient presented with respiratory and systemic features .It should keep in consideration for early diagnosis of Pulmonary tuberculosis to reduce the morbidity and mortality of the patients and to prevent transmission in the community from active sputum positive pulmonary tuberculosis.


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